Take the Road Home to Fernbank Crossing

In travelling through life, we encounter countless crossroads – some big, some small -- where we have the choice of turning left, turning right or carrying straight on through.

In your search for a new home, you’ve reached one of those major turning points. And now you’ve found your way to Fernbank Crossing where one of life’s most delightful decisions awaits you –the discovery of your dream home, chosen from an array of homes now offered by three of the Ottawa area’s top builders.

Three Great Builders

eQ Homes, Phoenix Homes and Richcraft Homes. Each has built a stellar reputation in Ontario’s homebuilding industry and now they’ve come together at Fernbank Crossing with some of their most outstanding new home designs ever.

Our Homes

If there’s one thing that our three builders have in common, it’s quality craftsmanship. You’ll find ample evidence of that in all the superbly built homes offered here, be they singles, semis, bungalows or condominiums.

News & Events

With three different builders now busy at Fernbank Crossing, there’s a steady stream of news and events happening here in the community which we’ll keep you fully apprised of in the months to come.